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****For New Customers Only****


For every 4 oil changes performed on your fleet you will receive ONE FREE. This will remain in effect until you receive 3 FREE Oil Changes.


Example: If your fleet has 5 vehicles, we will service all 5 vehicles and you will be charged for 4 services for that month. The next month/service you will receive another FREE Oil Change after servicing the first 4 vehicles. And again on the third service; 4 oil changes, ONE FREE.

If your fleet has 15+ vehicles, we will perform our service on all 15 vehicles and you will get the 3 FREE Oil Changes for that first service: Change all 15, Charge for 12, 3 FREE.


Offer subject to the following rules:

***Up to six (6) quart oil change using PEAK 5W30 Synthetic Blend oil and Prime Guard Oil Filter.

      Additional charge for higher quantity of oil

***PEAK 5W30 Full Synthetic Oil can be used for FREE Oil Change with an additional charge of $3.45 per quart plus Tax.

***Free Oil Change offer valid for Standard Service and Full Service but Full Service is subject to Full Service Fee

*** New Customers must mention this offer at time of signup for first service.

Call with any Questions!! 303-550-1033

***Offer subject to change at Owners discretion


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